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About Nancy Clarke

I usually work in a series around a theme that resonates for me, often about women’s lives and women’s issues. Individual prints can stand alone, but the collectives of book format, multiple blocks per page and multiple image framing make the stories richer. I often start with my photographs of sculptures from Oceania, Africa, historic Europe and pre-Columbian America. I turn them into a drawing, and then decide what story these figures could still be telling us today.


My preferred process is an iPad for drawing and photopolymer intaglio with Akua ink for printing. I also sometimes explore lino carving. I am currently experimenting with the addition of chine colle and monoprint  to make color another layer of the narrative. And sometimes I simply print digital images when I am having fun with a lot of color. I do my printing at Atelier Meridian fine art printing studio in Portland.

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